Setup : $55

     This includes string height, intonation, neck adjustment, nut work, pickup height and so on... basically I do whatever is needed to make the guitar play great and stay in tune. I also check over the guitar to make sure all of the hardware is tight and has been installed correctly. When does a setup need to be done? Every new guitar needs a setup because it isn't done at the factory. Also, anytime you change strings to a larger or smaller size it can affect the intonation and the neck relief, so a setup may be needed. (Add $20 for Classical or Floyd Rose equipped guitars)

Fretboard Clean & Buff : $40

     Dirt and dead skin can build up on your fretboard making it look and feel filthy! As the years pass your frets will slowly oxidize and become dull looking... sometimes even turning a bit green! Can it be cleaned? Will my frets ever be shiney again? Absolutely! I can take your neck back in time. Ok well not really, but it will look like I did. Your fretboard will be as clean as the day it was cut from a tree and your frets will shine like chrome. This service has other benefits besides just looks alone. String bending is much easier without all of that oxidation and crud slowing you down. Click here to see an example of this.

Tuner Installation : $40

     For whatever reason, most guitars today come with cheap, poorly made tuners that keep your guitar from staying in tune and sometimes even fall apart! I can replace these tuners with your choice of quality, well made tuners such as Sperzel, Gotoh, and Grover. I use a precision cut straight edge tool to make sure that the tuners are perfectly in line, and I even fill the old tuner holes! Click here to see an example of this.

Pickup Installation : $40 - $60

     This involves removing your existing pickup(s), and replacing it with any pickup(s) you supply me with. Whether you like EMG, Seymour Duncan, Lollar, Dimarzio, Lindy, Kinman, Bill Lawrence or Benedetto... I've installed them all and will be happy to help you get the sound you want. Maybe you want to install an ACTIVE EMG 81 pickup and have it work correctly with your PASSIVE pickups? No problem! (Pricing is $40 for one pickup, $60 for two or more - Add $20 for Coil Tapping, Active Pickups, guitars with F-Holes or which require bridge removal)

Acoustic Pickup Installation : $60

     This involves installing an under-the-saddle acoustic pickup into your acoustic guitar. I'll be drilling a small hole at one corner of your bridge under the saddle where the transducer will be installed. This hole is not visible once the saddle is put back in place. Your saddle will then be trimmed down to compensate for the change in string height caused by the added transducer underneath it. I'll also be removing the rear strap button and enlarging the hole to acomodate the end-pin jack which will serve as your new strap button. If the pickup is an active circuit, I'll need to install a battery as well. I usually mount this to the neck block, where it's out of site, and easy to replace. (Add $20 for dual pickup or blender systems)

Complete Guitar Wiring : $50 and Up

     Alot of people like to build custom guitars of their own, but want to have a professional do the wiring. No problem! I stock only the best parts, such as CTS Pots, Orange Drop Capacitors, Hovland Musicaps, and Switchcraft Jacks. (To put it simply, a Fender Telecaster would cost less than a Gibson Les Paul due to difference in parts and time needed to complete the job) Click here to see an example of my work.

String Changing : $10

     This involves replacing your old strings with new strings and tuning it. Price is for labor only and does not include strings. (Add $5 for Classical or Floyd Rose equipped guitars - Add $10 for Twelve String guitars)

Custom Nuts : $60

     This involves removing your old nut, and installing, shaping, slotting, and polishing a new nut. Many guitars today come with soft plastic nuts that are poorly cut, causing buzz, string binding, and even intonation problems. I start with a solid block of bone or a synthetic material such as TusQ. Next I shape, slot, and install the nut. Finally, it's polished to look and function beautifully. (Add $20 for Classical guitars)

Acoustic Bridge Repair : $120

     Overtime, an acoustic guitar bridge can start to lift up off of the body. This is due to the high tension of the strings and poor installation of the bridge when the guitar was assembled. This condition will only get worse over time. In this repair, I remove and reinstall your bridge. After your bridge is carefully removed, I sand away the old adhesive for a flat, clean surface, and reglue the bridge back on using multiple clamps for solid, reliable hold.

Neck Heat Treatment : $120

     Many older guitars do not have an adjustable truss rod inside the neck. So, they cannot be adjusted if the neck is warped, bowed, or back bowed. Even some guitars with adjustable truss rods can still have neck issues because the truss rod is poorly made or has become too weak to do its job. The end result is an out of shape, sometimes warped, guitar neck with high action and poor playability. I can gently force your neck to become straight once again. This repair will sometimes, but not always, require fretwork or a setup due to the unpredictable nature of wood.

Fret Dress : $120

     All frets are made perfectly level and buffed to a chrome like shine. How many times have you bought a new or used guitar that you loved the sound or feel of... Yet it had horrible fret buzz? Maybe it frets out on the high notes? A fret dress is the answer. Why is this needed on new and used guitars? Well, on new guitars, mass production companies have machines that simply press in all the frets, then send the guitar on its way. Most big companies cannot afford to have Luthiers spend hours dressing the frets so they are level and perfect. Frets will also wear down over time, so if your getting buzz in places you never had it before, a fret dress is the answer. Turnaround time is two weeks minimum, no exceptions.

Complete Refret : $300

     This involves removing all the frets and installing new ones. The new frets are then dressed and polished. This is usually done when a guitar has frets which are too worn down to play. If there isn't enough metal left for a Fret Dress, a Refret is the answer. Turnaround time is a four weeks minimum, no exceptions. (Add $50 for guitars with bound necks)

Other Repairs : Email for Estimate

     I offer many more repairs that are not listed here, so drop me an email if you need additional information.

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